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Current Projects...

If you would like to volunteer or donate to a particular project, please let us know
so that the funds can be allocated accordingly.

Thank you!!


'The Imagine-Nation Generation' is a completed book waiting to be published.

Sandy is in the process of obtaining representation for the book because it has received accolades from everyone who has read it, including pre-schools, elementary schools, youth programs, parents, libraries... and most important; KIDS!

In short, this book will, and already has – changed lives. 'The Imagine-Nation Generation' is a picture book for young kids (3-6 years) with the message that acts of kindness can be fun and will always make you feel good. It is intended to enable kids to actively participate in the reading experience because the contents rhyme and are meant to be funny and memorable.

Ultimately, this book will be one of a series, of which Sandy is currently developing.



It's been proven that kindness is contagious.

The concept is simple: Perform a (sincere) act of kindness for someone. It can be someone you know, or a complete stranger. Hand them (or include) a 'Kindness Card' - there is no need to say a thing. Since it is the size of a business card, it isn't obnoxious or intrusive.

We have literally received pictures and messages from all over the world, exemplifying our motto: KIND IS THE NEW COOL.

If you would like to receive (free) cards, send us an email at with your name and address and we will send them to you.

Any time you need more, let us know and we will send them!

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