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Image by Third Serving

kindness stones

one kind message at the right time can literally save a life.

Kindness Stones are being sent in from all over the world. Each stone is different, and, like people - no two stones will be the same. Once the garden is complete, we will be creating a 'scavenger hunt' for kids to find specific stones. 

We (literally) can never have enough kindness stones... so please send in as many as you can!


Inside this little box
There is a little stone.

To be painted with a message
For those who feel alone.

This stone has special purpose
Because sometimes life gets tough.

It may help someone  to realize
That they really are enough.

One message at the right time
Can brighten someone's day.

Inspiration's everywhere
Not just in things we say.

When your stone is finally painted
It's job has just begun.

In the Imagine-Nation Garden
A place for everyone.

Be as creative as you want to
There's just one simple rule:

Please help us spread the message
That being kind is cool!

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