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Shane had an exceptionally strong, close relationship with my stepdad Roy. As Roy has always treated me like a daughter, he treated Shane as a son. Roy was particularly heartbroken when we lost Shane. A part of him literally died that day. I wrote this poem for Roy, made it into a poster and it proudly hangs in his office, framed, above his desk:

I loved to be with my Grandpa His steps were slow like mine; He never said to "hurry up" We always took our time Most people have to rush things They never stop to see; Most people don't experience A bond like you and me We created such great memories To always cherish in our hearts; It's something that we'll always have Even if we are apart So, with every year that passes You're no less special than before; Through every stage and every age I'll love you even more Right from the very beginning I knew it right away; The bond that we created Will never go away All I ask is you don't forget me Whatever that you do; That I'll always be your buddy And will always truly love you

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