Bullying has become a global epidemic. Some kids feel that taking their own lives is the only way to escape the pain.

My 11-year old son Shane was one of them.

I created Shane's Imagine-Nation to not only raise awareness, but to help kids who are bullied build self-esteem and recognize how amazing they are, just the way they are. 

We are all perfectly imperfect.

Kind is the new cool.



Kids (K-12) who are involved in bullying


Have been  bullied for one year or longer


Have not told their parents or an adult


Average number of suicide attempts in the U.S. by kids grades 7-12 - every day

Hello! My name is Sandy, and Shane was my son.


On April 25, 2018 I experienced every parent’s worst nightmare. My 11-year old son Shane committed suicide.

He was bullied.


Shane was bullied simply because he loved Broadway Theater. There were no warning signs and I had no idea Shane was being bullied. Perhaps he kept this a secret because he was too embarrassed, too proud, or too frightened to speak up.


I am the worst-case scenario.

Shane has a story to tell, messages to send, and lessons to teach us. In fact, Shane's story has opened up new conversations that have literally saved the lives of many children. I despise the fact that Shane must be the example for others to learn by, but I refuse to allow his death to be in vain. Perhaps that was his purpose during his far too short time on this earth. Shane’s suicide changed the entire trajectory of my life and until my last breath, I will speak through his voice doing everything I can to ensure that what happened to Shane never happens to another child.  

I can't do this alone. Thank you for caring! 



Out of the myriad of things that I have learned since Shane has been gone, I know one thing as certain: If this can happen to me, it can happen to you.

- Sandy (Shane's mom)


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