On Wednesday, April 25 2018, the unimaginable happened. Just a few weeks before his 12th birthday, Shane attempted to take his own life. While tremendous effort was given to save him, there was no hope. Shane's family kept him on life support until organ donor recipients were located. On April 28, 2018, Shane was gone.

Shane was bullied. He was bullied simply because he loved Broadway Theater. 

Perhaps Shane kept this a secret because he was too embarrassed, too proud, or too frightened to speak up. We will never know. But there is no doubt that someone did - and they kept silent.

Shane literally lit up the room when he walked in it, and always had a knack of turning a negative into a positive, regardless of the situation. In keeping with this, Shane's Imagine-Nation will recognize and reward those children who stand up and speak out against bullying. It's very likely that had the kids who witnessed Shane being bullied reported it, Shane would still be here. 

Shane only wanted to make other people happy. He gladly gave away his prized possessions to someone he felt would want them, or needed them more, including wanting to give his birthday money to a friend so that the boy would be able to experience his first Broadway show. Shane was known to give away any prizes he won to make other kids happy. His selfless nature was known to all that knew him, and his passion for life was contagious.

He loved life, and lived to love.

Sandy's mom receives notes from those who know Shane on a regular basis. Some she knows, some she doesn't. But they all have the most beautiful things to say about this most amazing young man, whose life was taken far too soon.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my lifetime, was sign the paperwork to donate Shane's organs. It was honestly something I never imagined ever having to do. I am not ready to know who the recipients are, I do know we have received some letters from them - but it is impossible for me to fathom my baby "living" in another. Yes, it is beautiful and I know I sound selfish. So be it. 

I wrote this "letter" to the recipients of Shane's organs, so that they could understand what an immense gift they have been given to have part of such an amazing human being living inside of them. 

It's worth the watch/listen.